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Matthew James

About me

I have almost two years of crypto experience and currently work with a group Blockchain Management Corporation. Our group of almost 30 members is designed to help new coins or any coin that needs help getting the coin to the next level. We provide marketing, development, social media, discord moderators, and other services. It is designed allow developers to focus on the coin and we do the rest. It does have its challenges on some coins as they didn’t want to listen to us. We were contracted by the coins and so the lead admin still had the say. I saw the good and bad of coins. Developers that were shady and some that left the project. We overcame this by providing the best possible service. The coins that saw this were better in the long run by listening to us.

My offer

I accept Cryptocurrency payments



Community manager (all channels)

Social network management

Defined company management

Managing of one social account


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